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Live Streaming

The advent of technology has brought so many positive changes and easiness into how we communicate with others. One of such superb changes is the use of live streaming to share the proceedings of an event with individuals who cannot attend physically. According to Livestream, 80% of the audience would rather watch live videos from a particular brand than read their blog posts. In fact, 82% of all internet traffic is expected to be from live streaming by 2020. Apparently, more people are becoming more visuals than ever before and all businesses must leverage this knowledge.
However, for live streaming to be possible, you need world-class internet technologies, reliable bandwidth and high-end equipment. These are the elements that Thriller Media Group brings to the table. Our multiplatform live streaming production team uses the latest video production tools for the live streaming of your special events to reach more audiences.
Perhaps you have a remote team of individuals scattered across the world or you want to engage your customers in a live event; we can help you communicate with them in real-time through our seamless live streaming services.

Why We Stand Out

Thriller Media Group is different from the other teams offering similar services due to our topnotch video production process. We have made it a duty to work with various brands, organizations, agencies, and other corporate bodies to stream their event lives across the globe. We believe that we are part of your team; therefore, we consider ourselves as your in-house video production team that must deliver high-quality live streams.
We leave no room for any mistake by offering our clients pre-event planning, organization and consulting. These activities allow us to understand the peculiarities of your events and create a systematic process that will help us deliver the most exceptional services. After consulting with your IT team, our live stream production team will put everything in order to make sure that you enjoy topnotch live streaming services.

Integration of Various Elements into the Live Streams

Apart from the regular live streaming video production, we can also help you integrate post-event surveys, live audience polling, video contents, and presenter slides into the live stream. Our seasoned live stream videographers are capable of adding virtual question-and-answer sessions into the live event to promote active participation by your global audience.
To get viewer reports that tell you more about engagement and participation during your event, we can provide you with total views, sign-in metrics, and the number of questions submitted. At the end of the live stream, Thriller Media Group will present you a recorded version that can be archived or used anytime.

Excellent Support Service

Despite putting everything thing in place before the start of your live stream, we will never take chances with the success of your event. Hence, we will keep a team of webcasting technicians at your disposal as the event goes on. Our technicians will manage the whole live stream production so that you and your audience can enjoy the entire event with any forms of technical issues.

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