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Animated Videos

It has been established that the attention spans of most internet users are short, so they will spend only a few seconds or minutes on any article or video. As a result of this fact, only engaging content can catch the attention of audience and keep their eyes glued to the screen to the end. Luckily, animated videos have proven to be the perfect solutions for making audience follow a story from the beginning to the end. These special videos are now the ideal tools for marketing any product or service as they are capable increasing the conversion rates of any business by as much as 20%.
So, why would you overlook this powerful marketing tool? Let Thriller Media Group help you bring any concepts to live with amazing animated videos. Whatever you want the characters in your animated videos to do, our tested animators can turn your ideal into a reality.

Let’s Simplify Complex Ideas with Awesome Animated Videos

Sometimes, live videos and text cannot effectively communicate certain complex ideas to your audience. However, you can rely on our animated videos to simplify the ideas and pass across your message seamlessly. We can use eye-catching animated videos to allow your audience to visualize your information. Not only will the audience have a better understanding of your concept, but they will also enjoy every bit of the video. We can use animated videos to promote or introduce your product or service, explain how a process works, spark a conversation with your audience, and show trends, figures and facts.

Humanize Your Message with Various Animated Videos

At Thriller Media Group, we want to help you break communication barriers through the use of compelling animated videos. Depending on your particular needs, we can bring your vision to live with different forms of animated videos including:

  • Whiteboard animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Logo animation
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation.

    We are skilled at creating all sorts of animated videos that are both entertaining and educational.

    How We Help You

    Understanding your brand, objective, and purpose is the most important element of creating a bespoke animated video for you. Therefore, our professional animators will first discover what you want and how we can help you represent your brand. Then, our scriptwriters will carve out a story that is capable of evoking the right emotions from your target audience. However, if you already have a story you want to tell with your animated video, you can still work with our experts at Thriller Media Group.
    We will breathe life into the story with suitable characters and other kinds of visual components. Our voiceover specialists will seamlessly integrate the voice into the motion pictures and add other sound effects and music that will help you retain the attention of your audience.
    The combined expertise, experience and dedication of our scriptwriters, visual content creators, animators, and other specialists will render top-quality animated video. We assure you that our animated video will boost your lead generation, increase conversions and improve your sales.

    Let’s Bring Life into Your Visual Content

    Elicit the desired reactions from your target audience today by hiring us to help you create sophisticated animated videos. Call us today for all animation solutions!