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Email Platform

According to Statista, there are over 5.6 billion active email accounts globally in 2019. Similarly, over 50 percent of U.S users check their email accounts over 10 days daily and prefer getting corporate information via emails. This shows that email remains one of the biggest platforms for businesses to market their products and services. If you need an email platform that allows you reach out to your numerous clients in personalized way, Thriller Media Group can offer you the assistance you need. Let’s fine-tune your email platform so that you can get the right message to the right audience.

Email Platform that Helps You Connect with the Target Audience

Our email platform provides businesses with a flexible and effective method to market themselves. Before designing your email platform, Thriller Media Group’s email platform specialists will research about your target audience. This enables us to customize the platform to connect with them. Our email platform enables you to widen the horizon of your brand awareness and build solid communication between your business and your customers.
We design a breathtaking, customized email platform that is in line with the core values of your brand. Our email services will ensure that you create engaging content that will resonate with the needs and preferences of your target audience.

Measurable Email Platform

Your email platform should not only be designed to suit your business, but it must be created in a way that you can keep track of its effectiveness. At Thriller Media Group, we are at your beck and call to provide you with an email platform that allows you to understand the specific impact of your email marketing campaign. By measuring open, click-through and conversion rates of your email marketing campaign, our email experts will help you determine whether your email platform is achieving its target or not.
The success of your email platform is our priority at Thriller Media Group. Therefore, our specialists will never relent until they have serviced your needs with a first-rate email platform. Our real-time email campaign tracking of the major indicators will definitely keep you at the top of your game.

Manageable Email Platform for the Best Results

As a developing brand, your business will need an email platform for several reasons. Whether to provide regular newsletters, update your audience about a new product or service or announce an upcoming event, our skillful email specialists will help you manage your email platform. We can integrate smart links and systems into your email platform to make sure that you get the most out of it.
In addition, we will help you manage your mailing lists to ensure that your email platform produces consistent brand identity to all your target audiences. Our assistances include creating, uploading and managing your mailing lists. We will organize your email platform to get positive results from your email campaign.

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