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Recording your concert is one of the best ways to showcase your talent to your prospective audience and monetize the whole event. It also offers you a chance to reassess your performance and note where and how you can improve for better engagement with the fans. Thriller Media Group specializes in delivering full services for individuals in need of concert video productions.

High-Quality Videos of Your Concerts

Concerts are a special kind of event and, as such, capturing them requires great expertise, vast experience, and state-of-the-art equipment. At Thriller Media Group, we have all these requirements in abundance; hence, you can be certain that we will deliver high-quality videos of your concerts. Once you have outsourced your concert video production to us, we will work 24/7 to give you High Definition or 4K recordings of your event.

An Array of Services Targeted at Producing High-quality Videos

We understand that preparation goes a long way in determining the quality of concert videos. Therefore, Thriller Media Group’s concert video producers and directors will kick start our services by conducting thorough venue consultations. This will allow us to know the ins and outs of the whole place. Furthermore, this affords us the opportunity to understand areas where we need to place our cameras for the best views of the performances of the artiste as well as the reactions of the teeming audience. Whether the venue is a large hall with thousands of fans or a small venue with a few intimate friends, we can comfortably and expertly work with you to produce amazing videos.
Our mounted stage cameras will be strategically positioned so that we can capture every activity going on in the venue. With our ISO recording and high-grade audio recording, high-quality video is never in doubt. If there should be any changes ahead or during the event, our accomplished videographers are spontaneous and versatile; therefore, they can adapt quickly without compromising the quality of the shots.

Post-production Services

When we are done with recording the video, our veteran video editors will use world-class equipment and top-tier editing skills to add some finesse to the video. Our post-production services include:

  • Video editing
  • Visual effects
  • Audio editing
  • Color grading of the footage
  • Sound mix
  • Sound effects/designs and sound effects
  • Color correction
  • Once we are fully satisfied with the quality of the video, we will export it and send it to you. The final exports can come in form of DVD, MP4, and other formats. It can be used for live feed, online promotion, and other purposes.
    Although we always get it right the first time, our experienced videographers can still edit the final export if you want them to do so. Without mincing, we are committed to giving you the best concert videos and will never relent until we are certain you are truly satisfied with the service we have offered you.

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